Report on the 2015 APY-Central Australia trip

The April 2015 trip to the Centre went like this:

- to Tamworth, Breeza, and north-west NSW to Cameron Corner, 

- down the Strzelecki Track to Lyundhurst and Maree, 

- up the Oodnadatta Track via Oodnadatta to Dalhousie Springs,

- Mt Dare Station Hotel to Alice Springs through a wind storm and via the Lambert’s Geographic Centre of Australia,

- out to Honeymoon Gap and Owen Springs then down to Curtin Springs,

- into the fabled APY Lands: through the Peterman Ranges to Amata, Umawa, Ernabella and Indulkana. ristine riverbeds, amazing domed hills and purple mountain ranges, fantastic art centres in healthy happy communities (entry permit required - it’s polite,  like knocking on the door, not just barging in),

- into the Painted Desert, and a night in the Underground Hotel in Coober Pedy,

- Stuart Hwy to Pt Augusta then across to Orroroo and Broken Hill,

- Menindee and Pooncarie to Mungo Lake National Park,

- Balranald, Narrandera, Junee, Young, Bathurst and finally back in Sydney.

The Insideoutback Camper concept once again proved robust, versatile, and economical. Fuel consumption was slightly higher than our long term average, due largely to the slow and heavy going on the still-damaged roads in the north of SA and around the Centre following the massive flooding there in January. Also towing out bogged motorbikes didn’t help! But such fun.

We carried a third spare for the more remote sections, but in the end only had one flat (pierced, a write-off).  We also carried 15 litres of reserve fuel, but also didn’t need it. These things are always good insurance.

While the coast of NSW was enjoying a Category 2 cyclone, we were enjoying 44° heat at Dalhousie. This is a country of extremes, and we wouldnt have it any other way! Buts good to be connected to it - to feel the vibe, to get some red dirt between your toes. She doesn’t belong to us - we belong to her, all of us. Let’s treat her that way. This is Australia!

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2015 trip to Breeza, Merty Merty, Dalhousie Springs and on - to the APY Lands!

Insideoutback's Koleos and her crew of two are departing Sydney on Thursday 2 April, bound for some important and interesting places, and to meet some important and interesting people.

Highlights of the itinerary…

Breeza Plains - at the northern end of one of the Souythern Hemisphere’s great food bowls, the Breeza Plains are incredibly fertile, and sit atop their own aquifer. We will be meeting some people who have been bullied off their farm by big mining interests, and finding out first hand the damage that is inevitable from the mega-coal mine planned for that part of the country.

Bourke - what a great town! Needs no further explanation!

Camerons Corner and Merty Merty - into the corner country, and the big red dunes of Merty Merty, and the Strezlecki Track down to Maree.

PHOTO CREDIT - LIGHTSTORM PHOTOGRAPHY - recommended online photo gallery - visit, drool, and buy!

Dalhousie Springs - up the Oodna Track and in to the oasis that is Dalhousie, then up across the Finke to Chambers Pillar.

Alice Springs - specifically Honeymoon Gap, and the lovely White Gums retreat, where philosophy meets local indigenous meets everyday practicality. Always a good time!

Mt Connor - not sure yet but hopeful of a climb up this amazing geographic icon.

PHOTO CREDIT - Kelly Barnes

APY Lands - the country of the Anangu, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara peoples, the APY Lands are mysterious to many (or never heard of), hard to get to, yet much of the world’s Australian indigenous art is made here. With eight thriving art centres, springing out of a culture living for at least 35,000 years, this has got to be one of the most interesting places on earth!

…then home via the Painted Desert, and whatever else takes our fancy as we roll and stroll this wonderful country.

Stay tuned for updates as the days roll by.

PHOTO CREDIT - Dick Clarke

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