Ultra-compact & Lightweight


INSIDEOUTBACK is all about ultra-compact, lightweight camping vehicles. This embodies several aims, and various strategies and technologies.

We make them compact. We cannot see the point in making big boofy boxes that are 85% air. We design vehicles that waste no space: they fold in, down, under - whatever is appropriate. Like origami.

We make them light. Using a mixture of hi-tech materials and bonded joinery techniques, our equipment can take the pounding outback roads dish out. We have 30 years' successful experience.

We make them open. You are not cut off from the very country you came to explore, stuck inside a box with 60s decor. Insideoutback lets you 'connect with country' and with all the mod cons.

We provide customised designs, conceptualised to meet your individual needs, fully detailed with complete specifications and supplier contacts, to suit your level of expertise. We don’t build them - we design them for DIY or your selected professional motorhome builder.

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