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PROBLEM: how do you lock the vehicle, yet allow the fridge to breathe?


It is vitally important that your fridge can dump its heat - otherwise it just won't work, and will flatten your battery in the process. This requires free venting, something every INSIDEOUTBACK camper has 'designed in' from the start. But with the limited window openings on most current sUVs, that means we must open the tailgate. 

VentblockTM allows the tailgate to open 50mm, which allows 

           * free passage of air, but 

           * keeps out rain and prying fingers... 

The tailgate's original central locking is still 100% engaged.

These photos show how it works...

When travelling, the tailgate must be closed, to keep dust and exhaust out, when the vehicle's internal ventilation system helps the fridge breathe. 

The VentblockTM  travels in its own special space (varies according to vehicle and individual design), on a tether that prevents it from falling out or getting lost - it's always ready to be locked in place in a second.

At INSIDEOUTBACK we are continually refining ideas to make outback travel easier, and more sustainable. 

This page will be regularly updated as we bring new ideas on line, following our usual rigorous testing.

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